Windows > Productivity software
  • Scrap Mechanic 0.4.7
    Scrap Mechanic

    Become a robotic mechanic and create machines from scrap parts in a three-dimensional, multiplayer environment

  • AS SSD Benchmark 2.0.7316.34247
    AS SSD Benchmark

    Program designed to test solid-state drives in a PC or smart device and diagnose problems

  • Ma-Config 7.1.3

    甲投注倮拙Free software that allow users to profile and manage hard and software configurations and data

  • Age Calculator 2.0
    Age Calculator

    Calculate the age of a person or the elapsed time since an event has happened

  • Windows Phone app for desktop 1.0.1720.1
    Windows Phone app for desktop

    甲投注倮拙App to sync your windows phone to your desktop computer saving and managing important files

  • Vector Magic Desktop 1.15
    Vector Magic

    甲投注倮拙Available for both Mac and Windows, this vector drawing system is considered one of the best

  • Your Freedom 20140324
    Your Freedom

    Your-Freedom: an anonymization and anti-censorship solution

  • Trello for Windows 10
    Trello for Windows 10

    Utilizes the power of Kanban boards to smooth workflow planning within or between project teams

  • Intel Graphics Driver (7/Vista 64 bits)
    Intel Graphics Driver

    A graphics card driver for Intel processors that can help improve performance and load times

  • Android x86 9.0-r2
    Android x86

    甲投注倮拙Allows you to run Android operating system on x86 computers, great for testing Android apps

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