Windows > Science & education software
  • Scratch 2 Offline Editor 461
    Scratch 2 Offline Editor

    甲投注倮拙Educational software that teaches students the basics of programming with eye-catching games

  • Google Classroom 1.0
    Google Classroom

    A free educational app that lets teachers remotely connect with all of their students

  • Scratch 461

    Free software that allows you to code and create your own programs from scratch

  • Desktop Plagiarism Checker 1.22
    Desktop Plagiarism Checker

    甲投注倮拙Catch copied writings, paragraphs, and phrases with a computer

  • DeepL beta

    Accurately translate any text of your choosing into the German language

  • 8085 Simulator 1.0.0
    8085 Simulator

    甲投注倮拙Run different scientific microprocessor simulations without the need to purchase a bunch of expensive equipment

  • Clownfish 5.06

    A free translator tool for written Skype messages

  • Origin sr2 8.5.1

    An expert data analysis software that can graph data for scientific and engineering purposes

  • Hemingway Editor 3.0
    Hemingway Editor

    A fast, friendly and intuitive text editor for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and much more

  • BlueStacks User Guides Varies with device
    BlueStacks User Guides

    甲投注倮拙Learn about great authors, scientists, and much more with this educational reference software program for Windows

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